AUDITION NOTICE - Breaking the Code

By Hugh Whitemore
Directed by Dave Stearns
Season: 2 nd-16th September, 2017
at The Gaslight Theatre

  • DS Mick Ross, policeman: 30s/40s
  • Alan Turing, mathematician: about 40
  • Christopher Morcom, schoolboy: about 17
  • Sara Turing, Alan's mother: late 30s
  • Ron Miller, working class: early 20s (could double Chris, Nikos)
  • John Smith, government official: middle aged
  • Dillwyn Knox, head of Bletchley Park: about 60
  • Patricia Green, mathematician: mid 20s-30
  • Nikos, Greek youth: about 20 (could double Chris, Ron)
Turing is on stage for most of play

The play covers a number of timeframes, but main characters do not "age" so can be played by different ages

Auditions by appointment on Saturday 27 th May at The Gaslight Theatre, Alpha Street, Cambridge

To book an audition or for more details, please contact

Dave on 0210 346992 or or complete the form below