Breaking The Code well under way

Rehearsals are progressing nicely with all the cast really getting into their characters.  There are some really touching scenes being developed, as well as nice humorous moments.  Some actors are already books down on some of their lines and this really starts on Thursday with Act I books down (and Jo will be providing Prompt duties).

Ann Carroll is focussed on costumes with help from Michelle Williams who has not got a full time job (well done Michelle).

The set looks great and will be a great backdrop to the presentations and acting.

I'm very happy with where we're up to but there are still plenty of things left to do: finalise props, learn lines, fit costumes, finish sound effects and music, set lights, and sell tickets.  

Don't forget to book your tickets and get all your friends along too.  This is an awesome play about a recognised genius and is not just for computer geeks.



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