Notice for 12 Angry Men


Audition Notice!
The play is called '12 Angry Men' but we want women as well! Come and give it a go! New faces always welcome!
Written by Reginald Rose - Directed by Tracey Barlow
Auditions are being held on Saturday 4h November 2017 and Saturday 11th November 2017 at the Gaslight Theatre in Cambridge
Rehearsal Dates: Start 8 January 2018
Performance Dates: 10 – 25 March 2018
Cast: 12 Men OR Women (Roles could be either gender)
Ages: Any age over 20 will be welcome
Foreman - not overly bright, any age, any gender
Juror 2 - meek and hesitant, any age, any gender
Juror 3 - strong and forceful, sadist, older (50s) any gender
Juror 4 – wealthy, well presented, older (50 - 70s), any gender
Juror 5 - naive, young (20s - early 30s), any gender
Juror 6 - honest, slow, any age, any gender
Juror 7 – loud, flashy salesperson, a bully, any age, any gender
Juror 8 - quiet and thoughtful, age (30 – 50), any gender
Juror 9 - mild and old, age (60 - 80) any gender
Juror 10 - angry and bitter, any age, any gender
Juror 11 - an immigrant with an accent, any age, any gender
Juror 12 - advertising executive, a snob, any age, any gender
If you have any questions, or are interested in auditioning, please email Tracey on tjb17@students.waikato.ac.nz or phone 02320844360 (after 6pm) for an audition piece and an audition time. - Please do not comment on this post but contact the director directly - many thanks!


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