Peter Pan Cast

Come and celebrate this cast of 31 actors, only 2 of whom have performed in a

Repertory production previously!

Cast of Peter Pan:

Amy Walsh, Anna Crouchman, Ishel Suter, Christie Southwick, Elanor Hansen, Ari
Suter, Alfie Camilleri, David Crouchman, Julie Gray, Nigel Slaughter, Katie Hansen,
Sean Hapi, Brad McLaren, Tim Chapman, Sydney Steele, Sylvia Neild, Elijah
Chapman, William Twaddle, Lucy Briston, Steve Baldwin, Meryan Baldwin, Lyra
Slaughter, Shannen Morris, Emma Adam, Madeleine Kennedy, Alexis Thornton,
Nicole Nelson, Maggie Hansen, Willow Chapman, Charlize McWatters, Catherine


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