By Ben Elton & Richard Curtis - Directed by Dave Stearns

Season: 10th - 24th November 2018

Roles: Some actors play multiple roles

Capt. Edmund Blackadder - Male

Lt. George - Male

Private S Baldrick - Male

Glen Melchett - Male

Capt. Darling - Male

Nurse Mary (and others) - Female

Pvt. Smith (and others) - Male

Flashheart (and others) = Male

Von Richthoven (and others) - Male

Pvt. "Bob" Parkhurst (and others) - Female

Auditions by appointment on Sunday 29th July and Saturday 4th August at the Gaslight Theatre Alpha Street, Cambridge.

To book an audition or for more details, please contact Dave on 0210 346992 or


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