Further Glide Time Auditions

Additional auditions for Glide Time, by Roger Hall and directed by Tracey Barlow will be held at the Gaslight Theatre on Saturday 2 March from 1.00pm.

Glide Time is a ground-breaking comedy, with serious undertones. Life in the stores board of a department of the NZ Public Service. The play covers one working day, although the day is spread over several weeks. Glide Time examines the lives of those forced to work with each other, every day, in a job that none of them likes.

A cast of six men and one woman of varying ages is required.

(John, Jim, Hugh, Beryl, Michael, Boss, Wally)

SEASON: 15 – 29 June 2019

For more information please contact Tracey Barlow: tjb17@students.waikato.ac.nz or phone 022 0844360

Rehearsed Reading – The Winslow Boy

By Terrence Rattigan 

Date: 11th May  

A rehearsed reading, with staged movement and some props. 


  • Ronnie  Winslow      Male     about 14  Schoolboy at military academy. 
  • Violet        Female     any age  Maid. 
  • Grace Winslow      Female     about 50  Faded remnants of prettiness. 
  • Arthur Winslow      Male     about 60  Deliberate, cultured, patriarchal.     Leans heavily on a stick. Dry wit 
  • Catherine Winslow   Female    approaching   Air of masculinity, suffragette,       30   into modern politics. 
  • Dickie Winslow       Male     early 20s Large, noisy and cheerful. 
  • John Watherstone     Male     about 30  Subaltern in the army.  
  • Desmond Curry       Male     about 45  An athlete gone to seed. Mildly furtive. In love with Catherine. 
  • Miss Barnes    Female     about 40  Journalist. Untidily dressed with gushing manner (small role). 
  • Sir Robert Morton     Male        esrly 40s           Immensely elegant.         Supercilious expression 

As always for a rehearsed reading, actors do not have to conform fully to character ages. Rehearsals from about 29th April - to be agreed with the cast/aligned with Tracey’s Glide Time rehearsals To express an interest or ask questions, please contact Dave Stearns on drsnz@hotmail.com    or    0210 346992 


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