The Pink Hammer

Four women, a handful of tools and a whole lot of trouble -

Written by Michele Amas

Directed by Chrissy Hodkinson

At the Gaslight Theatre in Cambridge

Performance Dates :  13 - 27 June 2020

Rehearsals Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday commencing 14 April 2020


  • Annabel - late 40's - 50's.  Counsellor in private practice.  She also runs the Dickens Book Club.  Was an active feminist in the early 80's.
  • Louise - 50's.  A nurse.  Moved home to care for her parents.  Has many dark shadows in her life and is easily spooked.
  • Helen - late 50's - 60.  Prefers horses to people.  She has two grown up sons to different fathers, both of whom were jockeys.  She never married.
  • Siobhan 30's.  Irish.  Lives with her cousin.  Works at the local vet clinic and is in love with Martin, a vet who has extraordinary hands but is married,
  • Woody - 30's.  A carpenter, recently made redundant.  Married for four years to Maggie.  Recently separated.  Woody may know about tools but to him empowerment sounds like something you plug into a wall socket.

All ages are approximate.

Auditions to be held Saturday 7th March commencing 1pm  and  Wednesday 11th March 2020 at 7pm.

Please email Chrissy at if you require further information or would like to arrange an audition time.


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