Domestic Bliss Ticketing

Tickets for Domestic Bliss will be available to members from Saturday 4th August. Tickets can be purchased from and in person at Paper Plus Cambridge

The season details are : 
Dinner at 6.30pm show starts at 8pm. Please Note the slightly earlier start for show only.

Saturday 1 Sept 2018 Dinner and Show 6.30pm $60

Sunday 2 Sept 2018 Matinee Show 2pm $25

Thursday 6 Sept 2018 Show Only 7.30pm $30

Friday 7 Sept 2018 Dinner and Show 6.30pm $60

Saturday 8 Sept 2018 Dinner and Show 6.30pm $60

Sunday 9 Sept 2018 Matinee Show 2pm $25

Tuesday 11 Sept 2018 Show Only 7.30pm $30

Wednesday 12 Sept 2018 Show Only 7.30pm $30

Thursday 13 Sept 2018 Show Only 7.30pm $30 

Friday 14 Sept 2018 Dinner and Show 6.30pm $60

Saturday 15 Sept 2018 Dinner and Show 6.30pm $60


Domestic Bliss features three New Zealand women; 

Grace (a 1950's housewife with a secret), Jackie (a feisty 1970s solo mum) and Sarah (a modern businesswoman and mother of two), who, while living in different historical periods, share the same kitchen.  Their stories unfold through monologues, and intersperse together one afternoon.  This meeting reveals how these three women, change each others lives.

Inspired by tracks worn into the Lino of a kitchen in an old abandoned house, author Christina Stachurski researched women and attitudes to house and home, and how these have changed for women over three generations, and how things today might even be coming full circle. 

What might the women who lived there say to each other if they could meet?

1 September - 15 September 2018

2018 Line up


1 September 2018 - 15 September 2018


10 November - 24 November 2018

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