Formed in 1960, we are a small, dynamic, and enthusiastic amateur dramatic society based in the small town of Cambridge, New Zealand in the Waikato. We produce three or four shows per year, including 1-act, comedy, drama, thriller, and musical productions. We also host visiting groups and member social events. 

Our theatre is located in an old gasworks building (now over 100 years old) and the complex includes a foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, workshop, small bar (wine, beer, and soft drinks), the auditorium and stage, dressing rooms, green room and, upstairs, an office, wardrobe and property areas and a separate rehearsal space. The auditorium holds 50 (seated in the usual layout around tables) or 80 (seated in rows for other events). Seasons are typically two weeks in length and include matinee and night show only.

Current Committee

Patron: Judith Robinson

President: Steve McMurray


Treasurer:  Stef Gibson-Muir

Secretary: Sara Young

Committee Members:

Tracey Barlow

Andrea Goodman

Peter Briston 

Mark Stoddart

Jenni Nelson 

Nicole Nelson


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